Parasite Selfie

February 2021 tobibienz and Victoria Papagni with Ivana Milenković

PARASITE SELFIE is a project by Victoria Papagni and tobibienz. In the frame of the Re-Connect Online Performance Festival, PARASITE SELFIE is realized in the frame of the virtual residency YET TO .COM(E) initiated by the international platforms and organizations LODO, WORK IT OUT, ESPACE CROISÉ, RE-CONNECT.

becoming. always becoming. a parasite - a vermin - a cockroach. becoming. a selfie- a number - an algorithm - 00101100111 - a 3D biomaterial. overcome the human aspect. overcome the past. overcome the future. a human - non human critter collaboration? - a naiv low tech romance, by lovers from a face in Buenos Aires, a nailshop in Zurich and a graveyard in Bulgaria.

how would you collaborate with a cockroach?
we want you - sexy cockroach.
how do you kill cockroaches in your hometown?

Performance: cockroaches & tobibienz
Kamera: Tim Wettstein
Foto: Tim Wettstein, Hannah Gottschalk
Nailart: Ivana Milenković, HOTMAILHOTNAIL
Hair & Make-up: Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon
3D Druck: Dui Duy